Who We Are

CREATIVE GLOBAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED is an International Scrap Trading Company located in Hong Kong. We operate as a global organization with Our sales are centralized through our headquarters in the Hong Kong. We are trading in tungsten carbide scrap...

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We create the relation between the places where scrap metals collect and the places where new products are made. We have good relationship with our customers and suppliers.


Our services are not limited to buying and selling different metals. So we are build a link between scrap collection points and smelters. Due to this we always invest in leading edge technologies.


We analyze the metals and scrap mixtures in our own laboratory. All the scrap metals you buy from us are of a quality matching with your specifications. Our consistency is valued by many satisfied customers around the world.


All the Scrap metals which are supplied by our Suppliers are sorted our well experienced staff members and machineries. Our skilled and reliable staff members make sure that a best value creation is achieved for our suppliers and customers.

We trade in tungsten carbide scrap, nickel alloys, HSS scrap and many pure metals mentioned in the form of pieces, sheet, swarf, dust and sludge. If you want to sell or buy any other type of material, we will be happy to provide you an individual quotation.

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